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Who We Are

HP Hood LLC is one of the largest branded dairy operators in the United States. 

Today the company employs approximately 3,000 people and owns and operates 15 manufacturing facilities with annual sales of approximately $2 billion. The company is privately held by the John A. Kaneb family, which became the third owners of Hood after acquiring the company in 1995. Since then, the company has implemented strategic initiatives designed to strengthen and expand the presence of Hood and its brands throughout the U.S.

The company’s continued success lies in its commitment to traditional values: quality, innovation and service. Hood’s product leadership comes from anticipating trends, developing strategies to meet customers’ needs and executing aggressive marketing, operations and sales programs to maximize opportunities for all of its product lines.

Sales and Distribution Network

Hood has a national network of direct sales representatives and broker partners that serve the grocery, convenience store, mass/drug, and club channels in retail, as well as foodservice classes of trade. Customers are served directly from its plant network via private fleet and common carriers. Hood's distribution network also includes DSD route coverage in the Northeast.

HP Hood LLC Brands


Licensed Brands


Hood's Processing Facilities

Hood Plant For more than 20 years, Hood has been committed to extended-shelf-life (ESL) processing and today stands as a leader in the production of ESL dairy products. Growth of Hood's ultra-high-temperature (UHT) beverage business drove the need to expand the company’s manufacturing capacity and add new processing and packaging technologies to its operations. In 2000 Hood opened a new state-of-the-art fluid dairy manufacturing plant. Located in Winchester, Virginia, Hood’s southernmost manufacturing plant manufactures fluid dairy and non-dairy aseptic, UHT and ESL beverages using innovative manufacturing and packaging technologies. In 2012, Hood added aseptic processing and filling capacity at its facility in Sacramento, California. Hood’s two aseptic lines account for two of the three low acid Shibuya aseptic fillers in the United States, allowing the company to respond to existing and potential national customer needs, including the growing demand for shelf-stable nondairy products like nutritional drinks.

Additional Hood manufacturing facilities across the country produce branded, private label, co-packed and licensed brand products for retail and food service customers throughout the United States. These plants produce fluid milk, cream, eggnog, ice cream, frozen novelties, juices, fruit drinks, specialty (protein) beverages, cultured dairy products and condiments.


Co-Packing Capabilities

HP Hood is an experienced leader in aseptic, low-acid processing and packaging technologies. We take a customer-centric approach, producing products that meet the needs and standards of our partners. And with aseptic production lines strategically located in Winchester, VA, and Sacramento, CA, we have national and international reach for your beverage. In short, we deliver solutions.

With our national distribution system, in-house Research and Development Team, and modern processing and packaging capabilities, HP Hood can elevate your brand, and most important, get it on the shelf.

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Social Responsibility

Environmental Sustainability

Green_TeamLogoToday companies realize that looking at their business from the perspective of environmental sustainability reveals opportunities to run their business more efficiently. At Hood we recognize the impact that human activities have on our natural resources and the environment and we strive to understand and minimize our impact by working smarter and better.  Hood has maintained a long-standing philosophy and focus on Environmental Sustainability and has recently formalized its approach to give emphasis to a culture that already exists within the organization. We are committed to Environmental Sustainability because it is the right thing to do for our future generations. 

Today  Hood’s Environmental Sustainability initiatives are highly visible throughout the organization and are being driven by the Hood Green Team, an appointed team of employees from various business functions and chaired by the company’s President & CEO.  The Green Team's Mission is as follows: 

  • Actively seek out opportunities and implement measures to reduce resource consumption and waste in all our business activities 
  • Raise awareness both internally and externally to the importance of reducing our environmental footprint
  • Measure and monitor our progress
  • Recognize that this is both a team and individual effort and that success will require the imagination, creativity and perseverance of all both at home and at the workplace

The Hood Green Team has prioritized its activities, and is focusing on five areas where the company can realize the greatest impact on its business as well as the environment: Water Usage, Electric Usage, Truck Payload, Fuel Usage and Recycling.

Hood has also established guidelines to ensure that our vendors and suppliers engage in sound environmental practices. To read about Hood's Corporate Environmental Sustainability Purchasing Procedures, click here.

Social Responsibilty Policies

Click here to read about HP Hood LLC's efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from the company's direct supply chain.

 Responsible Marketing Practices

At Hood we have adopted guidelines for our advertising and marketing activities and we will review and update them periodically to reflect consumer feedback, new technologies,  and industry policies and guidelines. Click here to review HP Hood LLC’s Marketing Policy.



Hood in the Community  

For more than 160 years, Hood has been committed to supporting the communities in which it conducts business. Since dairy plays an important role in achieving good health, the company’s community support efforts are focused on organizations that assist children and their families in the areas of health and nutrition.

Here are some of the causes we are proud to support:

  • The United Way
  • The Jimmy Fund
  • Red Sox Foundation
  • The Ellie Fund
  • Birthday Wishes
  • Local food banks through America’s Second Harvest
  • Educational and enrichment programs for families at museums including the Boston Children’s Museum, the Children’s Museum of Maine

Hood is also proud to reward 18 high school student athletes in New England with $5,000 towards furthering their education at a 2- or 4-year accredited college or university through the Hood Sportsmanship Scholarship® program, which was launched in 2010. For more information, click here.

Community In-Kind Donation Policy

Hood also provides in-kind donations to community programs and events that reach and educate children and their families on proper health and nutrition and communicate the health benefits of Hood products.  Please follow these Product Donation Guidelines to submit your request.  Allow four to six weeks for a response to your request.

Contact Us

For more information about HP Hood LLC, please call 1-800-343-6592.